Our Journey

… through time and place

Sometimes teaching is just hard, especially when you want to bring the best out in your students and build up their creative and critical thinking skills. But it doesn’t have to be. That is where we come in.

We love building up creative and critical thinkers and believe it is the best thing for your students, but we understand it can be diffcicult and often overwhelming. That is why we want to make it easier for you to do this in your classroom. 

As teachers we are there for more than just sharing knowledge.
It is about encouraging creativity and critical thinking.

We believe this and embed it in everything we do. We believe in it so much that we want to make it easier for other people to do this.

Teaching can be overwhelming with all of the standards you need to cover let alone other expectations of the school. Figuring out how to teach creative and critical thinking skills can be just too much at times. 

But we know you can do it and we want to help you.

Can we put in here the roll your eyes phrase of “we want you to be the best teacher you can be!”. But we honestly do.

We want to do everything in our power to help you build creative and critical thinking in your students.

Some thoughts that might be running through your head already:

Now if you are agreeing with us so far and thinking “Yes, I want to support creativity and critical thinking” then

You have found your people.

We are speaking from experience because we have been you.

We have taught multiple curriculums in 5 countries now. We have been trained in International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme which is full inquiry methodology. We have taught from explicit direct instruction to open-ended individualised explore programs. 

We have taught in inner-city schools, rural schools, huge schools and tiny schools in developing countries. We know the one major thing that helps all kids is the need for creative and critical thinking skills. And what we have learnt is that all kids can be taught these no matter what English level, education level, cultural background, financial situation etc. 

We have done it the hard way by ourselves at schools that were not super interested in changing pedagogies. We have at times discussed just doing it the school’s way and not embedding these skills in our teaching, as that would be easier. But we didn’t because we believe that kids need to be taught these skills. 

Throughout our journey, we have learnt what works and what doesn’t work. We have developed our own teaching cycle (similar to an inquiry cycle) to match what we believe is important. When mentoring other teachers in developing their practices we know how difficult it is and firmly believe that no matter where you start it can be done and the seeing kids use their critical and creative thinking skills is awesome.

We want to help you get there too.

If you stick with us not only will you have more interesting and fulfilling lessons, your students will be participating at a thinking level you haven’t seen before. You will also be supported in your journey. We want you to succeed as we want all students to have creative and critical thinking skills. The more teachers nurturing creative and critical thinkers the better our world will become. 

We want to help you get there too.